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Clementina Jacobs
Women's Minister


There is noting that can compare to the Love of God. Women are emotional creatures. We look for love, we want to be loved. Knowing that we are loved builds trust, security, joy and peace in our lives. However, sometimes, we look for love in the wrong places; maybe in our spouses, parents, friends etc. But what happens when that loves stops or it's given based on conditions? What if we had or have people in our lives who did or do not show love to us, but rather, the opposite? Where is the love that we can hold on to, the love that never stops, the love that never fails? Can I tell you that you are loved by God! You are the reason why He left His throne and died so that you might live and live forever. His love is unconditional and sacrificial. It is satisfying and supernatural. God is supernatural; God is Love! 

This Month's Focus


When We Meet

This is TRI Women's Ministry

Every woman is loved of God! You are welcome to join us every month for a special time of fellowship with Jesus Christ, the lover of your soul.

Women's Breakfast - Every 2nd Saturday of the Month

Time: 10:00AM

Place: Trinity Rhema Church

Address: 10221 E Highway 80, Midland, TX 79706

Check out the Dates and Times we meet by clicking the button below.

February's Photo Gallery

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